Update: 5/16/14  – With Jules’ permission (because these boys are hers)  Sunburns and Sunsets has been expanded and is now available for purchase.

Apparently everyone I know is born this time of year, because I have another birthday to celebrate. Jules has been a loyal pre-reader for me for years, on both the het stories and the slash. She is a lovely, lovely person and I couldn’t let her birthday go by without writing her a little something.

This gif inspired this short story. I hope you enjoy it, Jules! Happiest of Birthdays to you.

Happy Birthday, Jules!

p.s. And big thanks to Sally who whipped this story into shape in no time.

Sunburns and Sunsets

Happy Birthday, Jules!

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Jules!

  1. Brigham, This story is absolutely gorgeous. I love Kris’s ease with everything and how natural their connection felt. There really was no angst at all, just a gradual acknowledgment of what they both really wanted. Such a beautiful story. PS- YOU JUST WHIPPED THIS UP? GAH! I might hate you. not really.


    • Thanks, hun! So glad you enjoyed it. I was definitely anxious about getting across that connection between them, and the transition between friendship to something more, so I am really thrilled that it came across the way I hoped!

      And yes, written and beta’d in about 24 hours. I write well under pressure. 🙂


  2. Your skills, man. They are unparalleled. I can’t even, with this story. I ,too, loved their easy progression. These two would be a hoot in college. Amaze-balls, my dear.


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