New Story – “The French Toast Emergencies”




Arthur Cain has removed himself from a social life littered with mistakes and unhappiness. When a freak April snowstorm hits, he just wants to stock up on the basics so he can get back to writing his thesis. Samuel Richards is a musician with a wicked sense of humor and he knows how to use it. The last thing he expected was to have it save him when he heads out for supplies and everything falls apart. The storm sends both to the grocery store, but neither had a “date” on their shopping list. 

It’s one disaster after another for Samuel, but the history student comes to his rescue. If only Arthur was as good dealing with live men as he was with dead Vikings. 


He glanced at the rapidly emptying shelves and sighed heavily. With some effort, he finally squeezed through the traffic snarl and reached for the last loaf of bread right as another hand closed in on it. His gaze flew to the man beside him. He looked to be in his mid-twenties, like Arthur, but taller and lankier. His brown hair was curly and long-ish, sticking up every which way. He had brown eyes and scruffy facial hair. His grin nearly made Arthur let go of the bread. 

“Uhm, I think this was mine,” the cute guy said, tugging on the loaf. 

“No, pretty sure it was mine,” Arthur protested, tightening his grip. He always rewarded a particularly productive day’s work with grilled cheese and tomato soup. 

“You could get raisin bread,” the other guy suggested. 

“Eww, you can’t make grilled cheese with raisin bread.” 

“Sure you can. Just think, melty cheddar with raisin bread. Mmm.” 

On second thought, maybe that didn’t sound so bad. However … “Still gross with tomato soup,” Arthur pointed out, gesturing to the half dozen cans in his cart with the hand that wasn’t clutching the bread. 

The other guy made a face but didn’t let go. “Fair enough.” 

Arthur tugged at the loaf gently. “So you’re going to give me the bread?” 

The other guy laughed, leaning against the shelves as if he was getting comfortable. “Nope.” 

“Uhm—” Arthur mentally calculated how long the storm would last and the number of slices he’d need before then “—we could split the loaf.” 

“Fine. You let me have the loaf, I’ll pay for it, and we can split it after we go through the register.” 

Arthur hesitated. “I really need this bread. How do I know you won’t disappear with my half?” He shook his head. “No deal.” 

“But if there can be no arrangement, then we are at an impasse.” 

Arthur broke into a grin. “Are you quoting Princess Bride to me?” 

“Maybe.” The answering grin was cheeky. 


Arthur and Samuel’s story began on Facebook.  In the midst of a discussion about weather, the topic of people panicking before a storm and rushing out to stock up on bread, milk, and eggs came up.  Allison Hickman used the phrase “French Toast Emergencies” to describe it, and a story title was born.  We joked around a little and a plot jumped into my head.  It didn’t take long for the ideas to start rolling and Allison was a huge help through the whole process.  I was so flattered when she asked to pre-read for me and she did a fantastic job at it, pointing out a few areas that needed tweaking.  It’s a much stronger story because of it and I am so grateful for all of her help.  As always, Shelly gave me fantastic reactions to the characters and Sally did a beautiful job editing.  Sally claims I’ve found my niche in stories combining food, humor, and sweet men.  What do you think?

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Personal Photography – Winter Ice Storm

These three photos were taken at my parents’ house.  They live in the country and there are always birds in the trees outside the back of their house.

These are from the first day of the ice storm.  It was while I was out on a walk taking these photos that we lost power.  Most houses in the area already had lost power early that morning but we didn’t lose ours until late afternoon.  As frustrating as a five day power outage was, I was so glad I was able to take pictures of the ice.  I am thrilled with the way the photos turned out.

And these are from the morning of Christmas Eve before we went to my husband’s office to shower.  I was exhausted and frustrated and grumpy, but it was still so, so beautiful that I had to stop and take some photos.

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Personal Photograpy – Late Fall

Other than the 45 minutes in the car on the way to my parents’ house, I stepped away from writing on Easter.  It gave me a little time to take some spring photos.  Of course, tonight when I went to edit those photos I realized I still have a pile of photos I took in the fall and winter and I thought I should get a least of a few of those done and share them with you.  Enjoy!

Easter Egg Hunt Day Two!

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Today is Day Two of Rainbow Gold Reviews’ Easter egg hunt.

I’m giving away a copy of Geeks, Nerds, and Cuddles, and The Wine Tasting Series (3 Story Bundle).  There are a ton of other authors giving aways their books too so it’s definitely something you’ll want to check out!

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Today’s theme is “military” so you need to read through my previous blog posts and see if you can find a word or phrase relating to that theme that makes absolutely no sense in context of the sentence.    Once you find it, go back to Rainbow Gold Review’s site and submit it to enter your chance to win.  Winners will be drawn at the end of the game.

Happy hunting!

Review – “My Brother’s Keeper” Series


My Brother’s Keeper Series

The town of Gilford has a Big and Terrible secret hidden in the ground.

Infecting those it touches.

Exploiting their darkness.

Consuming their souls.

It’s hungry. It’s vile. It’s evil.

And it wants out.




Marshal Jon Foster lost his purpose and his sanity the day he saw the image of his dead brother. The distraction saved Jon’s life but cost the lives of innocent people including his best friend and partner. It was a price for survival Jon couldn’t live with and was sure he’d never understand.

Driven by grief and guilt he tried to escape his past by fleeing to a small town in the middle of nowhere. Only instead of peace, the memories festered.

Then the offer of a stick of gum from a stranger changes Jon’s life and puts him on a road out of the nightmare he’s trapped in.

Ellis Harper has lived the past twenty years isolated from the outside world and sole caretaker for his mentally disabled brother, Rudy. While Ellis loves his brother, he longs for a life he’ll never be able to have.

Shut away, his days consist of chores, endless cartoons, and games of Go Fish.  A world that seemed to have no end until an innocent misunderstanding turns Ellis and his brother into a target for a town bully.

It’s a fight Ellis can never win on his own but thanks to a chance meeting with a stranger, he doesn’t have to.

What begins as a new journey in love for both men quickly unfolds into something neither of them could have ever imagined.

Book One:  Amazon




A new chance at life comes in many forms: For Jon it’s a family made with Ellis and his brother Rudy. For Ellis, it’s Jon, who has brought the outside world into the protective life he’s built for his mentally disabled brother.

Together they have discovered true happiness and what it means to be loved.

Then one perfect disaster after the other pushes Jon’s resolve to its limit and Ellis over the edge. If they have any chance of saving what they’ve built both men must face their deepest fears.

It’s a test Jon thought he’d already passed and one Ellis never imagined he’d have to face. The journey will forever change who they are and redefine who they were meant to be.

It has to happen.

And all things happen for a reason.

Book Two: Amazon 




Ellis and Jon need answers.

What is there to understand?

Why does it have to happen?

And what reason could ever justify losing those you love?

If only there was a simple answer. But the more questions they ask, the farther they must travel into the darkness and the things they see are not human, or even possible.

They are, in fact, Big and Terrible.

The plague is rising in Gilford. To stop it from spreading Ellis will have to embrace his destiny and Jon will have to let him go. Both men must be willing to lose everything in order to save the innocent.

It is, after all, rule number six.

Book Three: Amazon


I can give you the synopsis and try to tell you how this series touched me, but it will be wholly inadequate.  As a writer, I should be able to articulate how the story made me feel, but I’m mute, struggling to find the words.  It was beautiful and heart-wrenching all at once.  The characters of Joe and Ellis , along with Rudy and Danny will linger with me for a long time.  

At its most basic level the series was a supernatural thriller and gay romance, but that barely scratches the surface.  The depth of the story amazed me and I cried for the characters a number of times.  I can think of few stories that have made me so desperately want the main characters to end up together despite the obstacles in their way.    

I DEVOURED the first two books but I had to put Book 3 aside for a short while because I was so terrified of what was coming.    It was truly one of the best things I’ve read in a very long time.  It was an unusual story and although it wasn’t easy  to get through, it was so worth it.  Angsty but beautiful and something you really, really need to put on your TBR list.


Oh, and Boys in Our Books is giving away multiple copies so head over there to win either the entire series or the first book!


Rainbow Gold Reviews Easter Egg Hunt

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Rainbow Gold Reviews is doing an Easter egg hunt and giving away tons of great gifts!  I’m giving away a copy of Geeks, Nerds, and Cuddles, and The Wine Tasting Series (3 Story Bundle).  There are a ton of other authors giving aways their books too so it’s definitely something you’ll want to check out!

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I will be participating today, April 15, and Friday, April 18.  Today’s theme is “books that break our hearts” so you need to read through my previous blog posts and see if you can find a word relating to that theme that makes absolutely no sense in context of the sentence.    Once you find it, go back to Rainbow Gold Review’s site and submit it to enter your chance to win.  Winners will be drawn at the end of the game.

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New Story – “The Wine Tasting Series (3 Story Bundle)”


The Wine Tasting Series (3 Story Bundle) is a single book containing all three of the short stories in the Wine Tasting Series.  Spit or Swallow, Aftertaste, and Finish are all included!


Spit or Swallow – Sean Powell, a wine distributor in his early forties, is having a terrible day. To top things off, his longtime friend, the sommelier at his favorite restaurant, has been replaced by a hot young sommelier with big ideas. Lucas Spencer is determined to liven up the staid and stodgy wine list, but manages to alienate the distributor during their first meeting. Can the two blend their professional frustration and personal attraction without risking their careers?


Aftertaste – Despite sizzling chemistry when they first met, Sean Powell can’t quite believe that the gorgeous young sommelier at Bistro Argent wants him. Anxious about risking his job, Lucas Spencer must decide if the handsome, red-headed wine distributor is worth the risk. Balancing a professional relationship with a more personal one is tricky, but it just might be worth the effort.


Finish – After four months together, Sean and Lucas have never been happier, but a wine tasting trip to Traverse City, Michigan threatens that stability. Sean’s insecurities rise to the surface as Lucas’ fears of losing Sean lead to jealousy. Can they repair their relationship before it turns sour?


It’s a great deal; if you buy the three stories individually, they would cost $8.97, but the bundle is available for $5.99! Altogether, they’re over 35,000 words, so roughly the length of a novella. If you haven’t had a chance to check them out yet, now is the perfect time!


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