Acceptance and Support

When “Pain Management” was accepted by Dreamspinner last fall, I came out to my parents about writing gay romance. And (somewhat spontaneously) came out as bi.

When it was published in February, they told me how proud of me they were and gave me a beautiful card and wooden jewelry box to celebrate.

When they asked to read it I had a mild panic attack and a few weeks ago, I finally gave them a copy.

Tonight they told me what they thought. Apparently my mother had thought it was about two women, not two men, so she was rather surprised. She also (teasingly) told me it scarred her for life. Which is what I tell her every time she gets excessively flirty with my dad (usually after half a glass of wine). She also told me she thought I was a very good writer.

My parents may not completely understand why I love writing m/m romance.  They may not have any desire to read anything else I write.  But that’s okay.  They support me and I feel damn lucky to have their acceptance and support.

And sometimes I wish I could share them with all of the people who don’t have that kind of family.  Because everyone deserves it.

4 thoughts on “Acceptance and Support

  1. Great post and great parents. On the other hand isn’t it a shame that we should feel lucky to have accepting and supportive parents when that should be the norm. No love should be conditional but especially not the love parents have for their children. I’m glad that isn’t an issue in your life and live for the day it won’t be an issue for anyone.


    • That’s a great point, Helena. Unfortunately, I know too many people who don’t have that kind of support to ever feel like it’s the norm. *sighs* I really wish I could loan my parents out. “Unconditionally loving parents for rent. Come complete with hugs and homemade cookies.”


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