The Stockings Were Hung by the Aquarium With Care …

For all my moping about not being able to spend Christmas with my parents, I got myself in gear, bought two stockings (ours were at my parents’ house), and hung them off the aquarium.  It worked quite well and once I gave myself a little push, I had a very nice time.

We spent Christmas Eve with Mr. Vaughn’s family.  We slept in until 10 on Christmas Day, opened our gifts, ate the baked French toast I made, had  a Lord of the Rings marathon, and Mr. Vaughn made dinner.  It was pan-seared steaks with mushrooms and red wine, potato gratin, roasted Brussels sprouts, Spanish red wine, and cherry crumb pie.  The pie was store-bought (and not nearly as good as my mother’s) but the dinner was delicious and we had a nice relaxing day.

Best of all? We got to spend the day with the cats.  They’re the one thing I miss when we’re gone on the holidays.

2 thoughts on “The Stockings Were Hung by the Aquarium With Care …

  1. Love the pictures and the look at your house. I’m a bit worried about the cat underneath the tree though; all the ornament still in tact? I’m so glad your Christmas turned out better than expected despite the last minute set back and change of plans.


    • Thank you! Funny story about those ornaments. My dad and Mr. Vaughn stopped at a garage sale on the way back from the home improvement store one summer when my parents were helping us with a project. They bought two big boxes (the size copy paper comes in) full of the silver ornaments for $5. So no worries if they break! There are more of them than I can fit on the tree. We’ve had one or two broken over the years but I don’t know if it’s the cats or the hook not being secured properly. The cats certainly don’t try to climb the tree.

      Copper is ecstatic about the tree skirt though. It’s warm and cozy for her to lay on. Truth be told, if I could fit under there, I’d be right next to her. 😀


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