No GRL For Me


Today’s the sign up for GRL this fall and I’m sad to say I won’t be going.  I left it last year planning to go as an author but the closer sign up got, the more I realized it wasn’t feasible this year.  October is a busy month for me under the best of circumstances, but with two friends getting married (one before, one after GRL) and not as many books under my belt as I’d hoped, I made the decision a few weeks ago not to go.

Time and money are in short supply these days and I think it’ll be better for me to not go, but when I saw sign up announced I felt a twinge of sadness.  I had truly hoped to be there and I’m disappointed that I can’t make it happen.

So, my new goal is to work my butt off and make it in 2016.

And if you’re going to be at home during GRL 2015, well, I’ll be right there with you (virtually anyway).

8 thoughts on “No GRL For Me

  1. I’ll be staying home as well 😦 Too far and too much an expense for me to justify right now.
    Hoping next year GRL is closer to me! Should be an east coast year next year, right? Boston would be ideal!
    Fingers crossed you and I will both be there in 2016 🙂

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  2. Same for me. The dream was to cross the Atlantic next year and throw in GRL as a bonus but it is just not possible. Of course I can console myself with the two European meets I will be attending but that doesn’t get me any closer to all the American friends I’d hoped to meet face to face. I think 2016 will have to be OUR year. I’ll be moving heaven and earth to make that happen anyway.

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  3. I won’t be attending this year either. I couldn’t go last year because of cost and this year makes even more expensive for me. Also, my son’s birthday is in October and it’s a hectic month. I keep hoping for it to be closer to home every year.

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