No Flash Fic

There was no flash fic for me today, for a number of reasons.

The biggest is that I came down with a nasty cold at the end of last week and am only now feeling semi-human again.  I had planned to spend three solid days writing, but only got a handful of words out.  The most productive thing I did was edit the Motor City Pride pics.  *sighs*

And much like Theo, I’m in a funk.  Mine isn’t a writing funk though.  When I have a chance to write, the words flow quite nicely and I feel good about where my writing career is headed.  But I am depressed. It’s not particularly surprising since RL has become increasingly stressful.  The day job used to be tolerable (if not a dream job) but it’s rapidly becoming an Evil Day Job and that’s causing a lot of problems.  There are other things going on in real life that are equally stressful and frustrating.  Plus, I don’t have a great outlet for dealing with any of it which takes a bad situation and makes it worse.

Lonesome woman on a sea shore.

I’m functional. I can still get out of bed in the mornings, but I am not where I want to be right now.  The interesting thing is, it feels a lot like my depression in high school, which wound up being caused by an undiagnosed thyroid condition. Depression is a symptom of Hypothyroidism.

I was due for my annual checkup anyway, so I scheduled a doctor’s appointment for today. It’s possible that the biggest thing wrong is my thyroid levels. Once I get bloodwork done I’ll have a better idea.  It may be that a minor tweak of my thyroid medication will fix most of it and then I’ll have the energy to fix the rest. *crosses fingers*

Either way it’s something that has to be dealt with.

The good thing about having been depressed before is that I know it will pass eventually.  I may not be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel at the moment, but I know it’s there.

Please visit the flash fic group on Facebook and check out the links to the other authors’ flash fics for this week.  There are some fantastic ones.

I look forward to seeing you next Monday.

4 thoughts on “No Flash Fic

  1. It’s so rare when I’m depressed these days, I take note when it happens. I get plenty of sunshine, I’m pretty sure I’m generally healthy, but there you go: I’ve been down in the dumps since Friday. I still function, I even enjoy things on a limited basis, but there is an overall “grayness” to my days that’s been hard to shake.

    You’re correct, though: depression, like everything else, eventually goes away (and if it doesn’t, please get your butt to a doctor!). I expect to be back to my more cheerful self soon. I bet you will be, too.

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    • It’s been intermittent for me since last fall. I kept chalking it up to the amount of stress I was under/how much I was juggling, but it’s more than that. For a while, the RL stuff eased up but it’s back with a vengeance and I just can’t keep doing this.

      I so, so hope it’s my thyroid because adjusting the meds will be a night and day difference.

      Hope your funk eases up too.


  2. Not only have I not written any Flash Fic for weeks, I haven’t even gotten to read all of them the past two times. My TBR list now includes Monday Flash Fics and is becoming a living, breathing thing that blows fire from its nose. I hope your funk has an easy diagnosis and you’re back to your old self soon, although part of me thinks your old self tends to over-do-it sometimes and you get too run down. *waggles index finger at you*

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    • Aww, yeah that must be frustrating not being able to write or read them. And while a TBR dragon does sound a little scary, I thought you LIKED dragons?

      I hope my funk has an easy diagnosis too. You’re certainly right that I over-do it and get too run down. However, if my thyroid levels are optimal, I will have more stamina and be less likely to get run down. So *crosses fingers* I’ve never looked forward to a blood draw so damn much.


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