Father’s Day

I didn’t have a chance to talk about my mother on Mother’s Day, so combining these two posts will have to do.

My parents are awesome.  Not perfect or without faults, but they try very hard to be good people.  Even when we screamed and fought when I was growing up, I knew they loved me.  I never questioned that.  I knew they wanted what was best for me, even when we didn’t agree what best was.

I have them to thank for growing up feeling loved and supported.  I can thank them for my love of travel and for exposing me to so many new and interesting things in the world.  I can thank them for my love of cooking and different foods.  My love of animals.  And especially, for my love of reading and writing.

Specifically, since it is Father’s Day, I want to talk about the things my dad taught me. I can thank my dad for teaching me how to work with power tools, how to work with wood, that frogs aren’t scary like I first thought.  He taught me to swim, ice skate, and ski.  Hell, he taught himself to ski while he was teaching me.  How many people can do that?  He taught me that good men respect women and celebrate their intelligence and success.

My creativity came from him.


This is my favorite picture of me with my parents.  It’s from my wedding.  My mom and I are pretty silly looking in it, but my dad, he looks like a big dork.  And I love him for it.

So Happy Father’s Day, Dad.  Looking forward to spending the afternoon with you.

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