Marc talks about M/M VS Gay Fiction #LGBT #Spotlight

A thoughtful, well-written discussion about the differences between gay fiction and m/m romance.

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First, how weird is it when you have to talk about yourself in the third person? But yeah, ‘Marc’ will talk about this very hot-button topic, because I read about it all the time and while a lot of people have very valid points, I do think and hope I have something to add to this discussion. I just did an interview with author Larry Benjamin for the blog (which will also be posted today) and while I absolutely agree that some colors in the LGBT rainbow are much underrepresented, and certain types of characters (like flawless, muscle-bound alpha-studs) do appear quite often, I also sincerely believe that M/M Romance is not as shallow as some gay fiction authors assume.

Larry had no issue with me using his interview as a jumping point into this discussion, though and we hope you guys will have some valuable and respectful opinions…

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2 thoughts on “Marc talks about M/M VS Gay Fiction #LGBT #Spotlight

    • Excellent! I am glad I reposted it then. I should do that more often with posts I like. I agree that Marc’s words and the comments after were fantastic. He does a great job creating a thoughtful conversation where people can discuss things calmly and rationally.

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