Inspiration for “Sunburns and Sunsets”

As you know, this gif is what inspired the story.



But I always love to find others to represent the characters and scenes in it.  This time, I went right to Red and asked for his help.  After asking some really great questions to get to know the characters physical description and personalities he found a treasure trove.  While the guys in photos may not look exactly like Kris and Eric, he did a great job getting as close as possible.  And there’s no denying he got the essence of their personalities and their interactions.  And I love all of the great camping photos.  Thanks, Red!

And I hope you all enjoyed getting a glimpse of Kris and Eric’s trip.


Plot Bunnies 2

Plot Bunnies 2

My friend Red sent me this and it’s sending plot bunnies frolicking through my head. At the moment I’m juggling more of them than I can handle so it’ll have to go into the archives for “someday”. It’s too good to forget though. Someday, I’ll tell his story.


Edited to add: I just ran across this picture and think he might be who the man at the cafe is waiting for.  Hmm.

Inspiration for “Geeks, Nerds, and Cuddles”

I had a few pictures posted on my Geeks, Nerds, and Cuddles board on Pinterest but my friend Red absolutely fell in love with Isaac and Paul and sent me some really fabulous pictures to go along with the few I’d already found.

Geeks Collage

The pictures are absolutely perfect for Paul and Isaac.  Come check them out!

Inspiration – “Pain Management”

Although not every story begins with picture inspiration, I always have photos of my characters.   In this case, I found photos that matched the images I had of the characters in my head.

Brant Daugherty was an easy choice for Andrew Carmichael.  Although the eye color isn’t quite right–Brant has rather brilliant blue eyes and I picture Andrew’s as hazel–he has exactly the look I imagined.  Some photos are serious and a little stern, from when he and Joel first meet and he’s in pain.  Others are a little softer, with a smile just playing on the edges of his lips like I imagine him at the end of the story.


Joel Brooks was more difficult and I looked for a long time before I found the right person.  More than the specific features, he had to have the right vibe.  He needed to be sporty but have a little bit of shyness to him, something boyish and sweet in his expression.  Lucas Guldan was an unexpected fit, and the moment I saw pictures of him I knew he was the right one.


I’ve been collecting the photos for a little while now, and yesterday my friend Bethany put together a couple of nice collages of pictures and I thought you’d enjoy seeing them.

Is that how you pictured Andrew and Joel looking?  If not, I’d love to know what you imagined!