New Release – Famiglia (Italian)

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For over a year now, I’ve been working with Quioxte Translation (formerly Francy et Alex Translations) and I can’t speak highly enough about them. They’ve been a joy to work with.

In spring of 2016, I released Compromessi, the Italian translation of “Equals”.  Last November I released the second book, Partners (apparently there’s not a direct translation for the title in Italian).

Because the third book is set around the holidays, we decided to wait until this December to publish the third book. It is now live!

After much internal struggle, I decided to release it on Kindle Unlimited. I’ve avoided doing that with any other books. I’ll be honest, I have a lot of concerns that long-term, KU devalues books and harms authors sales.

But sales are down all over and when the people at Quioxte Translations strongly suggested I enroll Famiglia in KU, I decided to take a gamble. They know far more about the Italian market than I do and I’m looking at it like an experiment. I’ll see how the book does and go from there.

So for the next three months, Famiglia will be exclusively available on Amazon. Click on the image below to grab your copy!


New Release – Partners (Italian Edition)

I’ve been fairly quiet about what I’m working on lately, but I’ve had some wonderfully exciting things happening. I will update you more on what’s to come later, but one of those exciting things is the translation of “Partners” into Italian!

Last spring I worked with Francy e Alex Translation to translate the first book in the “Equals” series into Italian. The release of “Compromessi” went incredibly well and I happily agreed to translate “Partners” as well. Francesca and Alessandra have been lovely to work with and I am so pleased to announce that the second book, “Partners” is now available!

*waves to my Italian readers*

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(Note: I will update this post with the buy links for B&N and Kobo once they go live there)

Exciting News

I have two bits of exciting news for you today.


First, “Equals” will be translated into Italian! I was pleased and flattered when Francesca of Francy and Alex Translation contacted me about translating the first book in the series into Italian. They came highly recommended by authors who had worked with them previously and, so far, they have been wonderful to work with!

I am very excited that my books will be reaching a wider audience *waves at the Italian-speaking readers* and am looking forward to the experience.

The book will be released in the spring of 2016.

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My second announcement is that I started a Facebook group for fans of my writing!

My goal is to make it a fun place to receive updates, ask questions, post pictures, and most importantly, discuss books! I’ve already shared a teaser from my upcoming novel “Trust” and an exclusive preview of the cover.

Please join us! I look forward to seeing you there.