Flash Fiction Monday – Anniversary

Week Six

Note: This week’s story is a little different.  I wrote it using characters from a short story I have published.  If you’ve read Not So Suddenly, awesome, you’ll get a glimpse of Austin and Spencer’s future.  If you haven’t, no worries, it works as a stand alone story.


“I’m sorry it’s not Antigua,” Spence said with a frown.

Austin shrugged.  “A sunset walk on the beach isn’t exactly a bad way to celebrate our anniversary, no matter where we are.”

“But I wanted to take you back to where I first told you I loved you.”

Austin smiled.  After four years, Spence was still the most romantic guy he’d ever met.  “That would have been nice,” he admitted.  “But we can’t afford it right now and we’ll just have to go back in a couple of years when we can.”  Truthfully, it was probably going to take more than a couple of years; their budget had taken a serious hit lately between the move and Austin’s trouble finding a job.

Spence echoed his thoughts.  “I just hate that this move was so expensive.  You uprooted everything to move cross-country for me and …”

“Pacific University has a great physical therapy program, they accepted you, and gave you a small scholarship.  We’ve gone over this a million times,” Austin pointed out.  “Besides, Oregon is way better than Jersey. I sure as hell don’t miss living there.”

“I’m just afraid you’re going to regret the move.  Resent me from taking you away from your family,” Spence muttered, letting their hands swing between them.

Austin stopped, tugging Spence toward him before letting go of his hand.  He cupped Spence’s face in his hands and looked his boyfriend in the eye.  “We’ll fly home to visit our parents when we can, and they’ll fly here.”  He stroked Spence’s cheek with his thumbs. “Yeah, I’m not gonna lie, the past few months have been hard.  But I’d rather be with you than anyone else in the world.  Wherever that is, I want to be by your side.  You are the most important thing to me.”

Spence softened, pushing closer.  “You’re the most important thing to me too.  That’s why I worry.”

Four years ago, Spence had promised that as long as they were together life would be perfect.  It hadn’t been, not even close.  They struggled like any other couple, but every night when they went to bed together Austin took a moment to remember what was so good about it.  The solid base of their friendship had helped them build a great relationship and no matter how much he wanted to strangle Spence sometimes—and no doubt Spence felt the same way about him—it was worth it.

Sure, Austin had been feeling a little low lately about the lack of job prospects and that had taken a toll on things, but they’d worked through it.  They’d continue to work through it.  “I’m just glad you suggested this camping trip,” he said.  “I think we needed this.”

Spence smiled.  “Me too.  Think you’d be willing to stick by me for another four years?”

Austin leaned in to kiss Spence, murmuring his answer against his boyfriend’s lips.  “Multiply that by ten and it’ll be closer.”

Big thanks to Theo, who provided the pic prompt again this week.

And, Helena and I are trying something a little bit different starting this week.  We created a Facebook group and are opening up the Monday Flash Fics to everyone.

Rules for Taking Part:

1. Join the Monday Flash Fics group on Facebook.
2. On Monday, Helena or Brigham will post the pic prompt for the following week.
3. Write your story and keep it under 500 words.
4. Post it on your blog on Monday.
5. Post a link in the comments of the pic prompt in the Flash Fic group.

It’s meant to be a creative exercise for authors and something fun for readers to enjoy, so don’t sweat it.

Join us when the mood strikes and you have the time. If you can’t manage to keep it under 500 words, well, we’re not going to hunt you down. It’s a good challenge to limit the word count, but don’t stress if your final word count is more like 507.

Share links and comment on the blogs.

Feel free to submit inspiration pics in the group by attaching it as a file or sending a PM to either Helena or Brigham.

The links to all of authors’ blogs can be found in the group and later today we’ll be posting next week’s prompt.  Please, come join us!

Flash Fiction Mondays

After the struggles I had with the holiday novella, I feel blah and uninspired.  Despite the thousand and one plot bunnies and two nearly completed novels waiting for me, I don’t feel like writing.  I had four days off last week and only wrote a few hundred words.  Now, a few days off to celebrate the holidays is good, but on top of weeks of the blahs? Not good. That’s a slippery slope to no writing at all. And being a writer isn’t about only writing when you feel inspired.  It’s about writing when you don’t.  However, a creative kick in the pants can sometimes help.

So when the lovely and talented Helena Stone asked me if I’d be interested in joining her for her Flash Fiction Mondays, I jumped at the chance!  It helped with three goals I set for myself for 2015: more regular blog posts, more free stories, and boosting my creativity!

So, every Monday starting next week Helena and I will post a very short flash fic based on a single photograph.  We’ll take turns alternating who picks the image and each write a brief story based on it.  I’ll be sure to link to her blog so you’ll get two flash fics every Monday! Fun, huh?


I picked this image for next Monday.  I have my flash fic nearly written and I can’t wait to see what Helena comes up with!

See you next Monday!

Plot Bunnies 2

Plot Bunnies 2

My friend Red sent me this and it’s sending plot bunnies frolicking through my head. At the moment I’m juggling more of them than I can handle so it’ll have to go into the archives for “someday”. It’s too good to forget though. Someday, I’ll tell his story.


Edited to add: I just ran across this picture and think he might be who the man at the cafe is waiting for.  Hmm.

Inspiration for “Geeks, Nerds, and Cuddles”

I had a few pictures posted on my Geeks, Nerds, and Cuddles board on Pinterest but my friend Red absolutely fell in love with Isaac and Paul and sent me some really fabulous pictures to go along with the few I’d already found.

Geeks Collage

The pictures are absolutely perfect for Paul and Isaac.  Come check them out!

Inspiration – “Pain Management”

Although not every story begins with picture inspiration, I always have photos of my characters.   In this case, I found photos that matched the images I had of the characters in my head.

Brant Daugherty was an easy choice for Andrew Carmichael.  Although the eye color isn’t quite right–Brant has rather brilliant blue eyes and I picture Andrew’s as hazel–he has exactly the look I imagined.  Some photos are serious and a little stern, from when he and Joel first meet and he’s in pain.  Others are a little softer, with a smile just playing on the edges of his lips like I imagine him at the end of the story.


Joel Brooks was more difficult and I looked for a long time before I found the right person.  More than the specific features, he had to have the right vibe.  He needed to be sporty but have a little bit of shyness to him, something boyish and sweet in his expression.  Lucas Guldan was an unexpected fit, and the moment I saw pictures of him I knew he was the right one.


I’ve been collecting the photos for a little while now, and yesterday my friend Bethany put together a couple of nice collages of pictures and I thought you’d enjoy seeing them.

Is that how you pictured Andrew and Joel looking?  If not, I’d love to know what you imagined!