Flash Fiction Monday – Missing Unicorn


The entire living room seemed to shudder as the door slammed shut.  “A large female? You really had to call me a large female? And I am not missing. I went to visit my sister for a couple of days because you’re an asshat.”

“Camille  …”

“Don’t Camille me.” The curvy, rainbow-haired shifter wagged a finger at Roy.  “You plastered a missing poster of a unicorn all over Manhattan to get back at me because we had a fight.  Not cool, man.”

“It was meant to be a joke,” Roy replied weakly.  At the time—and given the amount of alcohol in his system—it had seemed like a good idea.  A way to make his girlfriend laugh.  Apparently, it had been the wrong choice.

Camille’s sky blue eyes narrowed.  “A joke.  You called me large, dipshit.  That’s never funny.”

Roy sidled closer and warily put a hand on Camille’s hip.  “You know I love your curves, babe. “

“Well, you aren’t going to be loving them tonight!” Camille spun on her heel and stalked toward the bedroom, tossing her mane of brightly colored hair over her shoulder.  It had taken some time to get used to living with a woman who was a pointy-horned horse half the time.  It was hell on their hardwood floors, that was for sure.  Roy was just grateful she’d never attempted to skewer him while angry. Slamming doors he could handle.

Through two closed doors, Roy heard the sound of rushing water and figured Camille would be in the bath for a while.  He sank onto the couch with a frown as he pondered how to apologize for their argument.  Properly this time.

Hours later, Roy felt the tickle of long hair across his back.  He blinked sleepily and rolled over, careful not to dislodge the woman kneeling over him. Soft lips feathered against his.  “You can’t bribe me with taffy every time we fight.”

Roy grinned against his girlfriend’s lips.  He was a candy maker and everyone knew the way to a unicorn’s heart was through sweets.  “Nope. Next time it’ll be cordial cherries.”

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Flash Fiction Monday – Hammock



Emily stopped in her tracks, her lips curving up in a small, wry smile as she caught sight of the pair in the hammock.  Adam had promised to start dinner, but the campfire was cold and the pan that was supposed to be bubbling with stew was empty.  She’d been gone for hours—lost in the sight of the Colorado wilderness through the lens of her camera—and her stomach rumbled hungrily at the thought of the venison and mushroom stew planned.  If only her boyfriend weren’t snoozing with Max–the gorgeous, grey and white half-wolf, half-Alaskan malamute who had been a part of their lives for the last few years.

Carefully stashing her camera in the padded backpack she carried, Emily dug through the outer pocket for an energy bar.  Dinner was at least an hour off, even if she did wake up Adam now, and she didn’t have the heart to disturb him.  Adam was a researcher at the University of Colorado biology program and had been working his ass off lately to finish a major project.  Right now, he needed the sleep.  And clearly, so did Max.  She tore open the peanut butter bar and took a bite as she studied the two of them.  Damn they were cute together.  Adam was sprawled on his back, one arm hanging over the edge of the hammock, with Max curled on his side. His head rested on Adam’s chest and his legs and huge, fluffy tail draped over the length of Adam’s body.  They slept like that often, and the sight never failed to make her smile.

Emily hummed quietly under her breath as she lit the fire and prepared the stew.  It wasn’t until the scent of it wafted through the air that Adam stirred.

“Hey,” he said, his voice raspy.  Emily glanced up from the pot she’d been stirring as he ran a hand across his reddish-brown beard and straightened the knit cap on his head. “Sorry about that. Didn’t mean to sleep so long and neglect dinner.”

“No worries.” Emily smiled and flipped her blonde ponytail over her shoulder as she stood from the crouch she’d been in. “You two looked cozy.”

Adam smiled as he glanced down at Max, who was still out cold. “You know it. Max always keeps me warm.”

“He keeps both of us warm,” she said dryly as she crossed the distance between the campfire and the hammock.  Adam reached out for her, drawing her in for a brief but thorough kiss.

“Adam lies,” a low voice rumbled, and Emily glanced over at Max, who had shifted into a naked, handsome man with grey-streaked dark hair.  “You know he’s the hot one. And where’s my kiss?”

Emily chuckled and leaned in to kiss her other partner.  “Right here. You know I’m never stingy.”

Max stretched, his lean muscles rippling, and Emily watched Adam’s gaze track the movement, his gaze heating.  “Come join us,” Max coaxed.

Emily shook her head, laughing. “I remember the last time three of us tried to fit in a hammock.  My tailbone was bruised for weeks. I love you both, but no. Come on, dinner’s nearly ready anyway. I’m going to drop some biscuit dough on top and it’ll be ready shortly.”

Max let out a whine that was distinctly canine, despite his human form at the moment. “I told you I reinforced the anchors this time.”

With a skeptical look, she turned back toward the fire. “I think I’ll skip it all the same.” A warm, callused hand grasped hers and she turned back, surprised to see it was Adam and not Max who had stopped her.

“You’re not mad at us for slacking, right?”

“Never. I know you’re both exhausted.  That’s a huge project you’ve been working on.”  She smiled at the two men she loved dearly. “Besides, you two can do the dishes and make breakfast tomorrow to make up for it while I sleep in.”

Max’s laugh was closer to a bark. She loved how free he was to not hide his nature when they were out in the wilderness.  “Sounds fair.”

She leaned in and gave each of them another quick kiss before finally extricating herself and heading toward the fire.  Life was certainly interesting being in poly relationship with a human and a shifter, but she wouldn’t change it for the world.  The muddy dog prints on the floors of their condo  … well, they were still working on that.

I wrote this one almost immediately after Helena and I posted the prompt.  Going with a shifter for the dog was pretty obvious, but hopefully you enjoyed the little twist to it.

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Flash Fic Monday – Shift



“Goddamn it, Myles Teeter, you don’t get to shift every time you get mad at me. It’s not fair!” Tree roots dug into my back as I wrestled the alligator, my hands sliding on the smooth, leathery skin, wet from the river.

My knee slid in the mud and I nearly lost my grip on the squirming creature under me. “I’m sick as hell of this and it’s cheap way to win a fight. I can’t shift.” I settled my knee square on the squirming tail beneath me and muttered, “Besides, I look like a crazy person screaming at a ‘gator. One day someone I town’s gonna notice and nineteen is a little too young to be labeled a crazy ol’ coot. Bad enough I’m gay and dating an alligator shifter.”

At that, the fight seemed to go out of Myles and I finally got him pinned, one hand holding his snapping jaws shut, the other gripping his softer underbelly. He was small as a gator. Smaller than me, but that’s because he was still young. As he got older, he’d grow upwards of twelve, thirteen feet.

That scared me. I knew he’d never hurt me intentionally, but I was still wary of catching one of the slashing claws or dangerous teeth. And this shifting when we got in an argument shit had to stop. I looked down, staring into the goldy-green eye blinking up at me. Myles had gorgeous eyes when he was in human form but the vertical slit for a pupil he had in ‘gator form always unnerved me. Made me remember that although there was a human consciousness in there somewhere, sometimes there was a real, live reptile around the man I loved.

As I watched, the skin of the alligator beneath me rippled, shifting into a human male before I could blink. Myles shifted fast—faster than most shifters he’d proudly boasted once—and I could never really see his body transition from one to the other. My hand still gripped his chest, but the other was now wrapped around his throat. I was relieved to feel soft, human skin and his pulse beneath my palms, but I let go of Myles so he could turn over and face me.

He settled on his back between my knees and I lowered my body until I straddled his hips. I crossed my arms over my chest and glared down at him. “I’m tired of this, Myles. If you’re mad at me, fine, we can argue it out or wrestle or whatever the fuck you wanna do, but it’s gotta be as a human. You don’t get to turn into a ‘gator. That’s cheatin’.”

Myles grimaced. “Sorry, Dalton.”

“I love you, goddamn it, and I think I’ve been pretty understandin’ about this shifting and all, but this is where I draw the line. You fight me as a human or I’m outta here, you understand?”

He nodded, expression uncharacteristically serious. “I understand. I don’t wanna lose you, Dalton.”

I sighed and uncrossed my arms, leaning down to kiss him, muttering against his lips, “If you don’t behave I’m gonna turn you into a pair of shoes and a belt.”

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Review – “Wolf Bound”

Wolf Bound



A year after suffering a disastrous end to his relationship with his partner, teacher Jon Anderson trades his apartment in the city for a lake house in the country. Told there is an author living nearby, Jon, who dreams of being a writer, goes in search of him and finds the attractive older man in a small, rustic cabin on a tiny island on a neighboring lake. Harrison Kalmes shows Jon around, but makes it clear he’d rather be left alone. Jon respects that wish until the night he and his friend, Suzie, drink a little too much scotch and impulsively decide to visit the island. 

What happens then is the start of an incredible journey that will eventually take Jon all the way to mysterious and seductive Transylvania in Romania, where he searches for answers that will save someone’s life while setting him on the road to rediscovering his own. 

Beware the woods. Transylvania isn’t only about vampires. 


I devoured Wolf Bound last night.  And no, that wasn’t meant as a clever nod toward the subject of the story.  It had more to do with how quickly I tore through it.  That’s a fairly remarkable feat, because shifter stories aren’t usually my thing.  I’ve read a handful and they all pretty much seem the same.  Another werewolf story? *snore*  I know they’re hugely popular but for whatever reason, they rarely pique my interest.  If I hadn’t read other work of Theo’s before, I probably never would have read this story.  As always, Theo put a unique twist on what I feel can be a tired genre.  Wolf Bound was fresh and interesting and kept me guessing until the end.  Theo never quite goes in the direction I expect and I enjoy that immensely.

Ultimately, this is more of a review of his work in general than Wolf Bound in particular.  I loved Transgression and the entire Precog in Peril series.  Theo’s writing is clear and spare without ever feeling stale or boring, and every story is unique.  If you haven’t read his books yet, what are you waiting for?